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Welcome to recircular

At recircular, we give a second life to companies' waste, by-products and excess materials, helping to reduce costs for both waste management and the purchase of secondary raw materials, and creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Social impact

People are at the center of our concept of circular economy. By taking care of the environment we also take care of our employees and the communities in which we operate. In addition, new business opportunities and new sustainable jobs are generated.

Environmental impact

At recircular we help you reduce the environmental impact of your activities by giving a second life to the waste generated that would otherwise end up in the landfill or on the other side of the world.

The fact of being able to reuse the waste or by-products as raw materials reduces the environmental impact by avoiding the dumping and extraction and processing of the substituted raw materials.

Economic impact

Companies generate economic savings by giving a second life to their waste and by-products. On the one hand, we avoid managing waste and squandering its value; on the other hand, we resort to raw materials that have a lower cost and limit our dependence on extracted resources.

Reduce costs purchasing secondary raw materials

Do you want to reduce the costs of your raw materials and generate environmental and social benefits? Find here the secondary raw materials you need!

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Sell your company's excess materials

Do you want to reduce your waste management costs? We want to help you give them a second life!

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In the recircular platform you can enter information about any waste, by-product or excess production of your company.

Our algorithm allows you to identify valuation opportunities for them and connects you with other companies that are potential consumers.

We help you give them a second life and generate benefits!